El Capitan Notes only seem to work with iCloud

Only relevant for holdouts like me, but El Cap Notes don’t reliably sync with iCloud. They seem too, but I think there are issues with rich text notes and shared notes (of course you can’t see which are shared or unshared in El Cap). There’s also something odd with sync of those that do work, I had to toggle Notes on/off in iCloud to force a sync update.

If you’re on El Cap you need to use iCloud Notes via a browser.

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Non-geek computing 2017: Apple uber alles.

Bend the knee. Apple has won for now. 

If you are not a geek, as of years ago, you have only one somewhat safe choice. It would be better if Apple hadn’t screwed backups, but your best choice is current iOS. On Apple hardware of course. 

In a year maybe Windows S on Microsoft hardware. Eventually Android “S” on Google hardware, but Google missed the boat. Arrogance I suppose. 

Chromebook – if Google backpedals on Chrome/Android integration. 

Dangerous is macOS run as non-admin on, of course, Apple hardware. One version behind is fine. 

Very dangerous Windows 10 with constant updates. 

Insane the rest.

Eventually devices will deactivate when their OS is unsupported.

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We cannot believe we chose Mussolini to rule us. We say it, but do not mean it. Pride I suppose. 

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