Local: “Black man” with “afro” shoots unarmed security guard at local college

Helicopters, airplanes, K9 dogs, cordons. Not a good time to be a black man going for an evening run.

Security guard late admitted he shot himself with a gun he wasn’t supposed to have. Made up the black assailant in slightly misguided attempt to save his job.

Local Facebook commentary during the search had less overt racism than I’d expected. Maybe it was moderated? I didn’t hear of any black men running into scary trouble. St Paul police have a good reputation, that might have helped.

Apparently nobody hurt, so salutary lesson.

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Statins and global warming

Two years ago I was studying for my family medicine board exams. This was around the time the avant garde were ready to put statins in the water supply.

Fast forward 2017. Everyone hates on statins for primary prevention. Myalgias. Diabetes. Brain fog. Whatever. Now patients need to have a pretty good risk of 10y CVD death to take ’em.

This is kind of routine in medicine. Big swings usually amped by big money.

The swings have consequences beyond personal health and billions of dollars. They cost confidence. They are one reason it was so easy for big money to turn the GOP into an anti-science machine.

Statins have given us Scott Pruitt.

Thanks pharma.

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