Google Docs v. Drive: Labels vs Multiple Folders

Link. Pre-Drive docs had labels, not true folders. Post-drive they have folders mapped to OS folders without use of Shortcuts/Aliases/Links. So when you “… add something to more than one folder, hold the Ctrl key (⌘ command for Mac) and select multiple folders.” the file appears twice on the local file system. I don’t know what happens if you edit in one but not the other.

I can think of better designs, and I’m sure the Google team did as well. I wish they hadn’t chosen this route. and RSS: they belong together.

Link. “ is potentially an important development. If it can become the de facto stream for microblogging, then combined with RSS – the syndication format supported by almost all publishers nowadays – may become the standard for streams” #RSS

Something newish: Placental (cord) blood markets

Link. Tension between donation to the public bank, and saving with private ($) banks for uncertain future personal use.

“Umbilical cord blood stem cell transplants are used to treat a variety of oncologic, genetic, hematologic, and immunodeficiency disorders …. a lower incidence of graft-versus-host disease in transplant recipients, and it can be made available more quickly than bone marrow or peripheral stem cells .. can be transplanted to a recipient with only a partial human leukocyte antigen match … can be collected relatively simply without risk to mother or baby.”

Romney’s tax plan decrypted.

Link. Superb analysis. “Radically curtailing itemized deductions, Increasing taxes on families with children by eliminating exemptions, Eliminating incentives for education, Making it harder to save for retirement, Taxing on health benefits, or Shifting a significant version of the tax burden to higher-income taxpayers. “

GOP caught funding voter registration fraud.

Link. Shocked. Not. “The Republican Party … paid Mr. Sproul about $3 million this year for work in five states..”

“Since 2004, Mr. Sproul’s companies … have collected more than $17.6 million from Republican committees, candidates and the “super PAC” American Crossroads, mostly for voter registration operations, according to campaign finance records.”

The Stellar Gene Pool.

Link. “Somewhere out there in the galaxy there might just be other organisms connected to us through the massive stars that forged our common mix of oxygen, carbon, nitrogen and everything else – the ultimate stellar gene-pool.”