Antisense drug promise for Duchenne

Link. Heartbreak still likely, but “In Sarepta’s case, eteplirsen turns off just one part of the dystrophin gene, known as exon 51. In the patients who are candidates for the drug, it is exon 51 that contains the mutation that causes production of dystrophin to stop. By causing the muscle cells to skip over exon 51, eteplirsen allows them to produce a form of dystrophin that is not perfect but appears to be somewhat functional.”

Another iPhone 5 water resistance test.

Link. It’s not what I wanted, but may be progress: “The first test was to pour a hot cup of coffee on the phone. After drying it off with paper towels, it was completely unscathed…

… The final test involved dropping the iPhone into a fish tank for several seconds… The iPhone 5 came out and worked initially, then the screen started becoming unresponsive…”