I've been writing these blogs since about July 19th, 2002, starting with a blog written in the course of a family tragedy.

In September 2003 I started a mixed technical and "world" blog, which then forked into two blogs, one purely technical and the other "for the rest". I have a half-dozen semi-private or organization specific blogs, but the bulk of my writing is in Gordon's Notes and Gordon's Tech. I don't accept advertising or do Adwords, I write for my own reasons.

I originally published under my own name, but the common business practice of searching the names of new acquaintances meant I was making a bit too much of first impression. I've since taken a few steps to move the blogs one or two steps from my "real name", including publishing under a pseudonym (John Gordon) and moving the blogs to this domain. I am not, however, too hard to find.

Gordon's Tech moved to tech.kateva.org in July 2007 and Gordon's Notes migrated to notes.kateva.org on April 15, 2008.