Mindnode, Mindscope, Bear, Drafts, Notability, Notes, Workflow, Simplenote …

Been a long time since I had so much software to evaluate. Simplenote I use all the time, but increasingly I need support for images and PDF. Notes is too tied to a single Apple ID — sharing is clumsy and inefficient. I need to be able to swap identities.

Mindnode is improving constantly, I’m quite fond of it.

Mindscope is something I thought of doing years ago. Can’t resist buying it.

Bear has some out of nowhere and is a geek favorite. Have to try it.

Notability and Notes do very well with PDF embedding. Bear just gives me a link.

Drafts and Workflow have power I need to understand.

Update: Notability does phrase search instead of “tokenized word starts with” search. How could they?! Anyway, it’s dead. 

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