Google Research: “Our project goal is to tackle an immense challenge in neuroscience: mapping a tiny fraction (2-3%) of the mouse brain. We will specifically target the hippocampal region, which is responsible for encoding memories, attention and spatia

Link. It’s a big consortium.

“would take just two Pixels, the height of an olive, to store the roundworm connectome data, while it would take a stack of Pixels the size of Mount Everest to store the data from an entire mouse connectome.”

PostScript euthanized in Sonoma.

Link. “any PostScript object can be treated as data, or executed as part of a program, and can itself generate new objects that can in turn be executed. More recently, security researchers have drawn attention to the fact that it’s a gift for anyone wishing to write and distribute malicious code”

Who remembers TeleScript?

DeSantis did not abuse Guantánamo Detainees.

Link. The NYT did a serious investigation. Found nothing.

“Mr. DeSantis was a junior officer, who visited only for short stints and was tasked with what one fellow lawyer described as “scut work.” He would have had no reason to witness, and no power to authorize, a force feeding.”

DeSantis likely found untrue story politically helpful.