Novel gene editing fixes mouse model progeria.🆓

Link. Not CRISPR, rather a 2017 gene editor created by torturing bacteria that has very focal action that happens to work for mouse model progeria (single gene disease). Kolata masterfully blends personal stories and science. I suspect a book is pending ….

PS. They expect future fixes for other terrible genetic diseases.

NYC bike guy: “it’s my personal belief that the pedal-powered bike does have the power to make a city better, but everything else is basically just more crap.”

Link. America is a dystopian nation; our vandalism is legendary. For some reason bicycles are more often stolen than vandalized.

I wonder if non-bicycle micro mobility works better in Canada. MSP is not as bad as the Bronx. There are relatively easy regulatory fixes for Type II/III eBikes.

The Federal Reserve – designed for a Trump: “With an English degree from Yale, Martin was the greatest Fed chair ever and an unsung American hero.”

Link. SCOTUS was built to fail, but the design of the Fed was designed to resist a Trump.

“Great care went into designing a system of 14-year governors’ terms on a schedule so that no president could ever appoint a majority on the board…

…. Martin told Nixon to go pound sand.”

Noah writes the case against seizing wealth.

Link. “The wealth of America’s billionaires was estimated at around $5.2 trillion in 2023, while federal government spending was about $6.4 trillion”

He ignores the sociopolitical consequences of wealth asymmetry. These days Noah writes what tech billionaires like to read – but the essay is still worthy.