The last days of coding: “Ben and I would talk about a bit of software we wanted for the project. Then, a shockingly short time later, Ben would deliver it himself.”

Link. “GPT-4 on its own is, for the moment, a worse programmer than I am. Ben is much worse. But Ben plus GPT-4 is a dangerous thing.”

Of course humans will still code, but it will all be machine assisted. Not quite as inhuman as chess, but a step function all the same.

Kill the Vermin: “we didn’t say we were going to kill you and if you think we said that? We’re gonna kill you” is some end-stage language.”

Link. “That’s not even a dog whistle. It’s just a whistle… Ask MAGA to cheer for the death of something abstract, like Antifa, and they’ll do it all day. Ask them to stand by while their blue-haired child gets dragged away to a concentration camp? Some people will. Plenty of them won’t.”

Great Jedeed essay on Trump channeling his inner Hitler.