Reichstag fire.

Link. Interesting contrast to Wikipedia version. The end of the beginning, but unclear to this day if one mentally ill arsonist or a true false flag. Most forget the falsely accused were not convicted.

English version of Norwegian government research on Adtech industry (technical document)

Link. Lots of details on how Adtech works: “Amazon Advertisement, AppLovin, AppMonet, AreaMetrics, Chocolate (Vdopia), Facebook Ads, Flurry, Fysical, Google Ads, Google Crashlytics, Google Firebase, Integral Ad Science, Kin Ecosystem, Moat, MoPub, Ogury Presage, OneAudience, Receptiv (Verve), Sense360, SerServ, Tap Research, Tencent, Unacast, Unity3d, Vungle”