COVID-specific guidelines gone, CDC guidance for ALL respiratory diseases.

Link. I approve.

“People with respiratory illnesses may resume daily activities if they have been fever-free for at least 24 hours without the aid of medications and if their symptoms are improving …. guidelines apply to Covid, influenza and respiratory syncytial virus, among other respiratory ailments …”

5 days mask etc for ALL respiratory viruses. No testing.

“If I asked a researcher to read through all my papers and summarize major themes, including illustrative quotes, it would take days. The AI did it in less than a minute.”

Link. Gemini 1.4 can hold about 750,000 words in memory at once.

“Researchers gave the five hundred or so available pages of reference material on a language with 200 speakers (and so with no real online presence) to Gemini and to a human translator. They found that the AI was able to learn the language about as well as the human could, from the same documentation”

Mona 6 for Mastodon – a review

Link. It’s the power user client. (I can’t compare to Ivory – Mona works for me so I have limited motivation to try a relatively costly alternative.

“First up is the ability to remove posts from your home timeline if they are part of another list you created. ” – this is a new Mastodon feature but may vary depending on server version.

Post-covid cognitive issues correlate with less secure blood-brain barrier.

Link. Needs more work but I like this theory. I suspect it’s not COVID specific.

“Campbell added that it was possible people with a tighter blood-brain barrier might be better protected from brain fog should they develop long Covid, explaining why the symptom did not arise in all patients.”

In other words a less tight BBB may be a preexisting condition (genetic?) that makes post-viral neurological dysfunction more likely. So not due to COVID but a variation that makes brain more susceptible to COVID (or other viral) injury.

New biology – The Obelisks.

Link. “small RNA species, hitherto unknown, that seem to be colonizing bacteria in the human oral mucosa and gut. These things are a bit like viroids, which are circular RNA species that are pathogens in plant species, but they have no sequence relationships with any known viroid.”

From a preprint. Remnants of the primeval RNA world? Able to cause disease?