“Boeing will pay a total criminal monetary amount of over $2.5 billion, composed of a criminal monetary penalty of $243.6 million, compensation payments to Boeing’s 737 MAX airline customers of $1.77 billion, and the establishment of a $500 million cr

Link. We need the responsible CEOs in prison.

“Boeing’s failure to timely and voluntarily self‑disclose the offense conduct to the department; and Boeing’s prior history, including a civil FAA settlement agreement from 2015 related to safety and quality issues”

“36 volunteers age 18-29 were inoculated with a wild-type SARS-CoV2 virus strain isolated from an infected patient in the UK”

Link. Immense details on immune studies of these 2021 healthy young volunteers. About 1/5 NEVER were PCR positive despite being infected; the innate immune system worked fast. (Most people who say they never got COVID are presumed to be like this. They got COVID (virus), killed it, never noticed).

“authors were also able to find a blood marker that could distinguish the sustained-infection group from those where the virus didn’t get a chance to establish itself … HLA-DQA2, whose function is not really clear yet.”

Inflammatory Bowel Disease: “tweaking ETS2 to be more active could make macrophages in the lab resemble the ones seen in IBD patients.” 🆓

Link. “when they looked at the genetic make-up of IBD patients, they found that 95% of patients in their sample carried at least one copy of a specific enhancer variant that seems to boost ETS2 activity…

… MEK inhibitors, should be able to quiet down the inflammation triggered by ETS2”

If it holds up … it’s big.