Aaronson’s take on ChatGPT is not reassuring.

Link. “Now there’s a second type of conversing entity. An alien has awoken … Supposing that a language model ever becomes smart enough to be genuinely terrifying, one imagines it must surely also become smart enough to prove deep theorems that we can’t.”

He wants to watch ChatGPT grow into its full self so we have someone non-human to teach us. He retracts his 2008 claim that the Singularity was far away.

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Wildebeest: Fediverse on Cloudflare

Link. “you can quickly deploy your Mastodon-compatible server on top of Cloudflare and connect it to the Fediverse in minutes, and you don’t need to worry about maintaining or protecting it from abuse or attacks”

I’m late to the party, didn’t realize this launched so long ago.

Wagner fighters captured in Ukraine.

Link. “One of the men said he watched a friend taken off to be shot — or “zeroed”— by a Wagner enforcement team for protesting deployments that sometimes led to hundreds of fighters a day being killed in and around Bakhmut…

… Ilya said he would advise other convicts not sign up. For one thing, he said he has never been paid.”

What establishment conservatives mean when they say “liberalism”.

Link. “rapid secularization (the decline of Christian identification accelerated from the 1990s onward) and increasing social and sexual permissiveness — extending beyond support for same-sex marriage to beliefs about premarital sex, divorce, out-of-wedlock childbearing, marijuana use…”

Basically pre-Vatican II Catholicism with some carve-outs for gay marriage and ambiguity around birth control. A good reference.