Jedeed on Trump shockathon: “Bible … includes the Declaration of Independence and US Constitution alongside the King James version, implying (as many Christian Nationalists believe) that these three documents come directly from God”

Link. I missed the 3 Holy Documents part of this. Jedeed always has the best Trump take with the most telling details.

“Imagine dropping someone from 2010 directly into 2024. They’d lose their mind immediately; they’d go stark raving mad.” I think you’d want to go back before 9/11, say from 1998. Then they’d go mad.

Economic malaise: housing shortage?

Link. NYT searching for economic anxiety reasons land on housing shortage with Phoenix as an example.

That actually makes sense. It’s very severe in Canada so not only US. This was predicted after the 2010 real estate crash but may be exaggerated by migration boom.

Dinosaurs dreaming

Link. “EEG studies of sleeping ostriches have found REM-like activity in the brainstem … in modern birds, as in mammals, this REM-like activity takes place primarily in the more recently developed forebrain.”

Platypus also brainstem.