Wrestling the AI

I pick the scenic route from Madison WI to the Dells. Old highway 51. 20% slower, 1000% more interesting.

Google Maps lets me do that. And five minutes later it reroutes to a faster way. The freeway.

The AI maximizes utility. Once my preference counted, but now only speed matters. The human makes too many low utility choices.

So I add a waypoint. It seems to pin the right route. Once I hit the waypoint though the route flips again. It needed more waypoints to keep on track.

Finally, frustrated, the AI sulks, rerouting endlessly.

This is the future.

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On that Wheeler quote

“The universe has created an observer and now, in an act of quantum measurement, the observer looks back and creates the universe.”
— Read on www.kateva.org/sh/

Something like this I think. But not a full Boltzmann brain. More like the origins of life on earth. A small fluctuation of quantum foam that does a local measure. The Planck unit of measurement, or pmeasure. That propagates, and in no-time at all we have a slice of universe. Bit like every stone block holds every sculpture.

Maybe explains Fermi Paradox?

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