Microsoft June sec update breaks Outlook email search. Nobody cares.

The fix is scheduled July 11. Until then I’m SOL; I depend completely on search. I don’t file my emails, I dump them in an archive folder. Including emails I send. 

I must be alone. I don’t see hordes jumping off the rooftops.

Easy to see why MSFT products are slow to get patches. How could they miss this one?

PS. With Outlook 2013+ MSFT removed ability to search for Outlook items from Windows search in all versions of Windows. Regressions never get enough coverage. 

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Blogger vs. G+ 2017

Google publishes regularly to “” — using blogger.

It’s been months since I’ve heard mention of G+. I checked, it still exists. Some sort of social site I think.

Looks like old school blogs won this one.

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Imaginary girlfriends. 

In the community of special needs teens and adults imaginary girlfriends are not rare. Imaginary children on occasion. Imaginary careers, colleagues, relationships. Often based on real people. Belief shaded with grief. 

This doesn’t get discussed in parenting books. 

I am not sure if this is delusion or something else. 

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Pages white and yellow. 

The Yellow Pages were replaced by Google Maps. They became a feature, not an application. 

The White Pages went without replacement. 

There is some lesson here. 

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iPad mine – faux laptop

With the iPad Air 2 inherited from my father, a $9 Acker stand, and an old iMac kb I have a modern faux laptop. 

I don’t quite get the appeal. This thing needs a trackpad; tapping on a keyboarded screen went out with light pens in the 70s. 

Otherwise I like the iPad for reading PDFs and technical books, but I think I prefer my 6s for casual eBooks. It’s a handy peripheral, but I could live without. My iPhone and MacBook are far more useful. 

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iOS swipe action configuration for gmail account is nuts.

First, change Gmail advanced settings from archive to delete.

Then, in mail swipe settings, correctly interpret these baroque directions: “Accounts that include Archive as a default action for swiping left will offer Trash for swiping right.”

Then in Swipe Left settings chose Move Message.

Then in when browsing swipe right archives and swipe left deletes.

There’s more broken stuff like this in iOS. Articles on “new features in iOS 11” irritate me. There’s a lot of unfinished work in iOS 10.3.

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Apple family sharing and device limit

I think apple’s 10 device limit for one account applies with family sharing. 

So the limit is 6 family members or 10 devices, whichever is less. Not 10 devices per family member!

I tried adding a family member and exceeded 10 device limit. Got purchase notice of invalid payment when I tried to download an item. I think that error message is a bug. Real issue was device limit. 

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There are no good digital picture frame (slideshow) apps for iPad

This is mind boggling. Water water everywhere — and not a drop to drink. With the demise of picmatic (now a squatter app) there’s no longer a digital picture frame app for iPad.

The original lock screen app from Apple is long gone. The slideshow has very obscure settings and no randomizer. was flaky in my testing.

That’s it. There’s nothing left.

The iPad has the smell of week old fish these days.

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El Capitan Notes only seem to work with iCloud

Only relevant for holdouts like me, but El Cap Notes don’t reliably sync with iCloud. They seem too, but I think there are issues with rich text notes and shared notes (of course you can’t see which are shared or unshared in El Cap). There’s also something odd with sync of those that do work, I had to toggle Notes on/off in iCloud to force a sync update.

If you’re on El Cap you need to use iCloud Notes via a browser.

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Non-geek computing 2017: Apple uber alles.

Bend the knee. Apple has won for now. 

If you are not a geek, as of years ago, you have only one somewhat safe choice. It would be better if Apple hadn’t screwed backups, but your best choice is current iOS. On Apple hardware of course. 

In a year maybe Windows S on Microsoft hardware. Eventually Android “S” on Google hardware, but Google missed the boat. Arrogance I suppose. 

Chromebook – if Google backpedals on Chrome/Android integration. 

Dangerous is macOS run as non-admin on, of course, Apple hardware. One version behind is fine. 

Very dangerous Windows 10 with constant updates. 

Insane the rest.

Eventually devices will deactivate when their OS is unsupported.

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We cannot believe we chose Mussolini to rule us. We say it, but do not mean it. Pride I suppose. 

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Password generators suck

For a book project I had to review the current state of password generators, including the Schneier vs. GRC vs. XKCD/diceware wars.

Bah. Humbug. The memorable vs. random debate is obsolete. The real criteria is tappable. A password needs to be tappable on a twee iPhone virtual keyboard that shows only one character at time (Yes, I use 1Password. I still find lots of times I have to type and tap.) I can’t tap a long random string. I even have a hard time tapping an 8 word string — and I don’t have the patience for it.

I think the obscure and much maligned Apple keychain ‘Memorable’ password generator strikes the right balance. A mixture of (pseudo) randomly (I hope) selected pronounceable strings with some extra characters. I usually tweak the words to be less English (but still memorable) and I toss in “extra characters” that don’t require too much keyboard shift/swap. I generally stop at around 16 characters.

It’s too bad Apple’s password generator is so hard to access. On OS X I use an ancient and now vanished app called “Password Assistant” (2006, codepoetry – don’t try the domain, it was lost long ago) that invokes it. I can’t believe nobody has put something like this on the Mac App store. On iOS there’s no easy way to access it, you only see it when entering a password on a web form (again, why no app to invoke it? Too bad Siri can’t access it.)

Sure, the NSA could crack these too short and too englishy passwords in a few hours. But a serious hacker team wants my stuff, much less US border security, I’m screwed anyway. For most criminals I just need to be have something well above average. That’s not hard …

PS. I think Atwood came close to me in his 2015 essay: “passphrases … are exceptionally painful to enter via touchscreen in our brave new world of mobile – and that is an increasingly critical flaw.” Alas, he seemed to have forgotten this in his 2017 essay.

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Idiocracy: Trump admin medical technology expertise

The GOP is a cognitive wasteland. 

via Politico: “Speaking of new administration staffers: John Fleming, the former member of the House of Representatives and new deputy assistant secretary for medical technology, had some interesting views on drugs and addiction, BuzzFeed reports. In a 2006 book, Fleming speculated that tattoos might lead to drug use, and called opioids potential proof of the existence of a higher power. “Only a higher power and intellect could have created a world in which substances like opiates grow naturally,” he wrote.”

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Cram school America 

At a gathering of graduates of “elite” private schools I met a woman who counsels upper class teens on college applications. 

She teaches and revised essays. Structures good works to craft an appealing history. Advises classes and direct applications. 

All necessary, she says, in the new world. 

It sounds like a less democratic version of the Korean cram school. 

I think, at root, like Trump, it is about AI,  what DeLong calls “Peak human”, and I call “mass disability”. A fear that is not understood but is real. Scrambling for lifeboats on a sinking ship. 

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How to make your iPhone useless with one swipe.

Do this while driving in bright light. 

  1.  Have music playing.
  2. Swipe up from bottom to show Bluetooth etc panel. 
  3. Swipe to swap to sound but accidentally move brightness to nothing. 

Phone is useless. Display is too dim to see in daylight. Reboot won’t help. Siri won’t adjust brightness. 

Need to find dark bathroom at gas station to enter passcode and adjust.  

I think I might also have had some iOS “night shift” state confusion and a miscalibrated auto-brightness that made things worse.

Would be good to have a fix of some kind…

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iOS has “collections”

Bored I played with I learned things! There is always more. 

On my 6 there were @17 base tips. My work 6s had a few more – for force touch. 

Surprise was to find “collections” at the end, including a “genius” set. 

Yeah, I read manuals too. 

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When I travel, what can I leave on my phone?

This is not good.

I’ll be visiting my father in Canada this weekend. The safest thing is to leave my laptop behind and use an adapter to put my i6 SIM into a sterile 4s from our emergency phone bin. Which would be an interesting digital detox experience.

Or I could try to clean my i6. I could change passwords on my primary Google and Twitter accounts then remove them from my phone. That’s troublesome though.

I think the sterile 4s is the best bet. I can put music on it then use one of my dormant iCloud accounts for email. I’ll have to bring my dSLR.

I am annoyed by those who say “things will be alright”. They are already not alright.

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