Use your damned Apple Account / Apple ID cash balance – make default payment method

Link. Somehow I have money stuck in my Apple Account, aka Apple ID account. If you want this to ever get used you need to make it the default payment method per this post.

My current payment methods are: Apple ID -> Apple Cash -> Apple Card -> Visa.

You can’t see Apple ID cash balances from the web, so if you have an unused Apple ID you’d need to create a macOS user account to view it.

“… solar power is cheaper than most other ways of generating electricity — even when you factor in energy storage. Natural gas and wind are the only real competitors.”

Link. Krugman beats the same drum. It’s not hard to fix CO2 emissions now and the fix comes with economic growth.

“The instincts of the Biden administration — to use industrial policy to scale up renewables — are correct, and the inherited intuition from the debates of 2010 is out of date.”

“In a 2018 ruling against the city of Boise, Idaho, the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit said that cities could not enforce local laws against outdoor camping if they didn’t offer enough shelter beds for people living on the street.”

Link. Only binds the 9th circuit, hits SF most. The article is poorly written but I think the problem is:

1. SF doesn’t have enough shelter beds
2. The beds they do have are not fully occupied
3. It’s neither sensible or feasible to create more empty beds to meet 9th district ruling.

Douglas Lenat obit: “The project was called Cyc. He set out to define the fundamental but largely unspoken laws that outline how the world works”

Link. “In the fall, as ChatGPT captured the public imagination, Dr. Lenat and the cognitive scientist Gary Marcus began work on a new paper meant to show the new generation of researchers what they could learn from his nearly 40 years of work on Cyc. While working on the project, he had a recurrence of cancer that had first appeared in 2021.” is the short paper written as he was dying.

#AI #Cyc

“new paper just published suggests that a major bottleneck in our evolutionary history happened between 930,000 and 800,000 years ago, and points to the chromosome 2 fusion as one possible consequence”

Link. Speciation event?

“evidence that the chromosomes had fused in the common ancestors of ancestral African, Neandertal, and Denisovan populations, but also that the ancestral 2b centromere had already evolved into its humanlike nonfunctional form before these hominins diverged.”