‘Even Jimmy Carter’

Link. Fallows tears Romney: “Jimmy Carter is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who spent ten years in the uniformed service of his country. As far as I can tell, this is ten years more than the cumulative service of members of the Romney clan.”

Storify (tidbits)

Link. “Storify is one of several services that lets you construct plain or annotated narratives from a variety of publicly available sources, including Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr. The site has an interactive drag-and-drop approach to finding messages or posts and putting them into the construct of a story. You can write connective material to explain how the narrative you’re presenting holds together, share it in a way that anyone can read, and allow comments on it…

… Tweetbot’s latest update, version 2.3, has direct support for publishing to Storify… If you have an existing Storify account linked to your Twitter account, the post will also be linked to your collection of stories…

… You may post messages to Twitter that you’d like to sink to the bottom of the sea of bits forever. But I find increasingly that smart ideas are captured in the ad hoc banter there. Tweetbot’s connection with Storify should make it simpler to archive dialectics for later dissection…”

Skynet slouching towards Bethlehem.

Rural life on the net

Link. “The biggest surprise from the year so far is how doable it is to live a 21st-century life in someplace stunningly beautiful. Many people could do what we are doing and reconnect with the outdoors, rural life and nature. It’s not that hard.” Not just rural, they’re rural-isolated. Satellite internet is better than it once was, but also seems they have a cell signal.

This is what was predicted in the 80s, but instead workers are moving to cities. Curious.

Middle aged killer whales like me

Link. I’m not a wimp, I’m a killer whale. “Like killer whales … we follow the unusual practice, Bainbridge says, of sticking with post-menopausal female partners, rather than continually trying to mate with younger models. This makes middle-aged men, apparently, “the most impressive living things yet produced by natural selection” and “the pinnacle of evolution”…”

Bainbridge fan club t-shirt mine.

Hello, Martians. This Is America – Margaret Atwood

Link. The Martians: “‘Moby-Dick’ is about the oil industry,” they said. “And the Ship of American State. The owners of the Pequod are rapacious and stingy religious hypocrites. The ship’s business is to butcher whales and turn them into an industrial energy product. The mates are the middle management. The harpooners, who are from races colonized by America one way or another, are supplying the expert tech labor. Elijah the prophet — from the American artist caste — foretells the Pequod’s doom, which comes about because the chief executive, Ahab, is a megalomaniac who wants to annihilate nature.”

1999 all over again

Link. “…this time, it’s gotten worse …. We’re back to companies throwing around funny money. The economic values don’t add up.”

“These companies are simply being founded to be bought,”…

… . “Mark-to-mystery was developed as a large part of the last bubble, but it’s gotten a lot worse this time around …