Electoral strategy: Dems must drink the poison too.

So we now know 20% of Americans are proto-Nazi and another 20% lean that way.

I suspect that is a rule for human societies.

Today that 40% is concentrated in one political party that controls every aspect of Federal government. A ruling minority.

This is a historic disaster that we are all struggling to understand.

That poisonous 40% will be always with us. That is humanity.

We cannot eliminate it, but we cannot have it dominate one party. It has to be diluted.

So we Dems must drink some of the poison – without becoming the GOP. The deplorables must be shared.

I think Obama understood this. The key is policies that address the “great unwanted” across all genders and races and tribes. Policies for the 45% of Americans that are not going to college and have no future in a purely market driven post-labor economy.

If Dems address those policies we can take the salvageable half of the deplorables. The GOP will have to live with the 20% Proto-Nazis; but it may then be able to convert them to non-voters and reemerge as a democratic political party.