The science of bias and a roadmap for progress

A NYT piece on how bias works at law firms summarizes evidence-based research.

It is consistent with the hypothesis that the more a new employee resembles their superiors the more effective they will be.

I read this from the same NYT RSS stream that included an article about frustrated women staring more independent businesses.

That startup effort runs into obstacles to all business startups. We know startups have been in decline for over a decade. The suspects are burdensome regulations, lack of affordable health care outside of large corporations, effective use of financial and political weapons by large corporations, and increasing monopoly and monopsony powers of megacorps without antitrust responses.

There ought to be room for political compromise to support small business startups for all and particularly non-white-males. ObamaCare or single payor for health coverage. Regulatory rationalization. Startup support including packaged plans. Aggressive antitrust. Tax reform. Political and campaign contribution reform.

Of course all of these are far more likely to come from Dem than GOP — although the western GOP ( Utah, etc) would support some. I read several of these in Clinton’s policy proposals, though they didn’t get any media attention.

If America survives the Trump era, and a new party replaces the GOP, there is at least a roadmap. Now all we need is a miracle.