Apple and me

I’ve lived through several OS transitions. Microsoft did them best. Their transitions had the lowest expenses and the least data loss. Apple did the biggest transition. OS/2 and GEOS died.

We all expect another transition from Apple; some mixture of macOS and CPU transition. This follows on years of Apple macOS disappointments — for me, above all, the way Apple ended Aperture.

I expect this transition to go badly for me. So my Apple relationship is officially cold. Not divorce yet, but the lawyer is in Contacts.

I’m not buying anything from Apple unless there is very clear immediate value and a clear exit strategy. I’ve ended our family Apple Music subscription. I’ll look for an alternative to iTunes movies. No earPods, no Apple Watch.

I’m staying on Sierra and Aperture through 2019.

Divorce will be painful, but Apple is likely past redemption. Its path lies elsewhere.