Canon SL2 – handheld night scene and HDR

This is new since my T2i, I think maybe was T5i. The entry-level Canon dSLR includes some computational photography with HDR mode and 4 shot handheld low light photography. The 4 shot is marketed for night scenes, but there are interesting effects with indoor low light photography (just don’t blink).

Can’t compare to the wizardry of an iPhone 7, but there are some interesting effects there.

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iOS restriction locking of cellular data settings doesn’t work on App updates.

Today’s obscenely obese iOS apps can drain a cellular data plan. It’s important to disable cellular data use in iTunes & App Stores.

It would be nice to be able to lock that setting lest an impatient family member drain the family plan. Unfortunately Apple’s Restrictions for locking cellular data changes don’t work on this. Bit of a bug really.

I suppose it’s too much to hope that iOS 11 will improve our ability to control cellular data use. It’s sucked for years. Apps don’t appear in the Cellular settings until they’ve actually tried to pull data down. Worse, an app added after cellular settings are locked defaults to data on — and it can’t be changed until cellular settings are unlocked. (A savvy restricted user with install privileges can remove an app that has no data, then reinstall it.)

From Tabloids to Facebook: the Reality War

Thinking about Russia’s successful hacking of the 2016 US election. It shouldn’t be seen in isolation. 

It should be understood as part of the ancient human struggle to manage illusion. The war on reality. 

In the US the reality wars were once bipartisan. Over the past few decades they have become a GOP specialty. From Reagan to Gingrich to the Tea Party to Trump. In the 21st century we began seeing books like “The Republican War on Science”. 

AM talk radio was infested. Then came Drudge and Fox. Later Breitbart and finally the Facebook fake news stream. From the Clinton “murders” to birtherism to child pizza porn slaves. 

This wasn’t bipartisan. The anti-reality meme, a core historic component of fascism, became concentrated in the GOP. Russia jumped on board, but Russia can be seen as more of a plague carrier than an intelligent agent.  They lost their reality-war in the 90s. All their news is unreal. Putin, like Trump, takes the fakes.

Trump’s victory is a triumph of the unreal. Of Will, I suppose. A big victory in a primeval struggle. 

We need to know what war we are fighting. We are fighting a reality war. 

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Most humans will do their computing on their phones/cloud. Video editors already use industrial power Windows boxes. Developers are a tiny market, they will have to use an iMac. 

Students will use Chromebooks.

So who is Apple selling laptops to? The computing equivalent of a Porsche enthusiast.

Which explains their pricing and the rear spoilers (touch thingie).

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