Facebook’s other ad problem: they aren’t any good

For some time I’ve been hiding or blocking irrelevant, uninteresting, misplaced or repulsive Facebook ads. All done with Facebook’s tools. I’ve even directly modified my ad interests.

The result?

My ads are getting less relevant and less interesting.

This is nuts. My family does a lot of stuff. Our Amazon spend is scary. There should be useful ads. Something is broken.

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Pigouvian taxation of the ad-click – it’s just me

As of April 2018 Google has no hits on the concept of Pigouvian taxation of ad-clicks as a core mitigation of the Facebook-Google problem.

My posts don’t show either of course; once Google would have found them. So there may be others like me, but nobody with an audience.

I’m disappointed Krugman or DeLong haven’t brought this up.

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