Google Docs v. Drive: Labels vs Multiple Folders

Link. Pre-Drive docs had labels, not true folders. Post-drive they have folders mapped to OS folders without use of Shortcuts/Aliases/Links. So when you “… add something to more than one folder, hold the Ctrl key (⌘ command for Mac) and select multiple folders.” the file appears twice on the local file system. I don’t know what happens if you edit in one but not the other.

I can think of better designs, and I’m sure the Google team did as well. I wish they hadn’t chosen this route.

YouTube riots 2012: the cause in one quote.

Link. “Their society may now be secular, but we have retained our allegiance to God,” he said. “Why are they imposing their ways on us?”. Access to the forbidden is imposition.

9/11 had similar causes. The rioters fear their world is collapsing, and they are right. They will be assimilated.

How to build a human.

Link. Uplift 101: “4% of human DNA appears to be uniquely human … the regulation of the cone cells of the retina … and the regulation of nerve-cell growth”. Now we find out which were Denisovan, which Neandertal and which other.

The end of Printing.

Link. Wirecutter: “Most people don’t deal with printing … very often”. What will happen to all the mill towns? Many are loved, which surprises those who’ve never lived in one.