Earth’s 1977 interstellar probe: Beyond mere awesome.

Link. “The level of solar cosmic rays that Voyager detects coming from the Sun need to dramatically decrease, and the orientation of the magnetic field outside the spacecraft needs to change its direction from the east-west, the direction of the Sun’s rotation, to north-south, the speculated magnetic field of the nearby intergalactic region”

Ed Stone, age 76, is still Chief Scientist. The probe may function through 2025, and so may Ed. I am pretty sure they’ll make him Chief Scientist emeritus.

SOHO Organizer for iCloud use on Snow Leopard ($100)

Link. Macintouch: “.. SOHO Organizer runs on the iMacs, and the standard Apple Address Book and iCal apps run on Lion and IOS 5 equipment with both sets of apps talking to each other. In other words, you only need to run the SOHO Organizer on the non-iCloud capable machines.

Also SOHO Organizer does not appear to support push notifications. That is, SOHO Organizer syncs on a time schedule rather than immediately after a change has occurred. However, the Lion laptop and the IOS 5 iPhone do communicate with push notifications. I have SOHO Organizer set to sync every 5 minutes, so when it syncs, then iCloud pushes out the change to the Lion laptop and my iPhone very quickly. I am still learning about SOHO Organizer but it seems to do the job.

Others have noted other methods of moving Snow Leopard machines to iCloud. I have not tried it, but for a small group of machines, fruux ( might work without having to buy an application. I would be interested if anyone has tried it.”

Not cheap! $100 individual, $180 family. Cheaper than replacing a machine though. Works on 10.5.8