Using vsdbutil to ignore permissions and repair an Apple MobileMe/iPhoto bug.

Link. Somehow this was relevant to this Macintouch post about recovering from a disastrous Apple iPhoto/MobileMe bugged that can destroy users iPhoto Library, probably a permissions bug:

“vsdbutil -d “/Volumes/Jeff’s HD TM Backup”

Once I did that, I could complete the restore using Time Machine.

… I imported the photos I took since June 12, rearranged the recent events (again), and all seems well. Thankfully, the From MobileMe folder is gone, and all the events I expected to see are back!

Now I suspect the core problem, something inside the library that has incorrect permissions, is still present. I’m not sure what to do so a future Time Machine restore (if needed) will work cleanly.”

SOHO Organizer for iCloud use on Snow Leopard ($100)

Link. Macintouch: “.. SOHO Organizer runs on the iMacs, and the standard Apple Address Book and iCal apps run on Lion and IOS 5 equipment with both sets of apps talking to each other. In other words, you only need to run the SOHO Organizer on the non-iCloud capable machines.

Also SOHO Organizer does not appear to support push notifications. That is, SOHO Organizer syncs on a time schedule rather than immediately after a change has occurred. However, the Lion laptop and the IOS 5 iPhone do communicate with push notifications. I have SOHO Organizer set to sync every 5 minutes, so when it syncs, then iCloud pushes out the change to the Lion laptop and my iPhone very quickly. I am still learning about SOHO Organizer but it seems to do the job.

Others have noted other methods of moving Snow Leopard machines to iCloud. I have not tried it, but for a small group of machines, fruux ( might work without having to buy an application. I would be interested if anyone has tried it.”

Not cheap! $100 individual, $180 family. Cheaper than replacing a machine though. Works on 10.5.8

The iPhone Charger / Computer

Link. Be very wary of cheap alternatives. Also, modern power supplies are computers.

“If you’re interested in power supplies, please take a look at my other articles: tiny, cheap, dangerous: Inside a (fake) iPhone charger, where I disassemble a $2.79 iPhone charger and discover that it violates many safety rules; don’t buy one of these. Also take a look at Apple didn’t revolutionize power supplies; new transistors did which examines the history of switching power supplies…”